Finding Out What Your References Really Say About You


Pete knows what a bad employer or angry former boss/HR department can do to someone’s future and wants to help protect you. Are the people you expect to help you in your job search actually hurting you or are some not providing the help you need?  Are those friends you list as references hurting you with their comments more than helping? Do you have any idea what anyone is saying in this process that you can’t afford to have screwed up?  For $50 per reference check (minimum 2), you’ll learn who’s providing positive, negative and neutral reviews among your references in a comprehensive report. We make the calls ‘undercover’ as a would-be employer. They won’t know it’s you who initiated the process.  And, if necessary, we provide cease and desist letter services to send those providing negative references.  Services will include an initial call with you to collect pertinent information before any reference calls are made, customized reports and expert counsel on next steps .  This is the perfect investment for anyone who wants to lower the risk and know who your friends are in one of the most important steps in the job search.

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