Pete Havel, a leading trainer and consultant on workplace culture and office politics and sought-after speaker by corporations, nonprofits, and government agencies like police and fire department leadership, is author of The Arsonist in the Office: Fireproofing Your Life Against Toxic Coworkers, Bosses, Employees and Cultures.

He will help you take on the challenge that lands too many organizations in the headlines and courtrooms–people problems!


Pete is available to keynote or deliver a presentation to your organization-whether you want him to discuss fireproofing your organization, how to build a first-class culture, how to turn adversity into opportunity, how to engage and excel in the workplace.

Contact Pete at or call 855-NO-ARSON to discuss how he can help strengthen your leadership team, train your managers, and fireproof your culture against bad behavior.


Do your managers know what to look for when screening for toxic employees?  Do they know how to manage difficult people? Do they understand what it takes to maintain and protect an organization’s culture?  Do they fully understand the consequences of what happens when the arsonist—the prototypical rogue employee—strikes and what they can do to a company’s finances, legal liability, ability to attract and retain good employees, reputational risks and the physical and psychological well-being of management and rank and file employees?  We can help!


Are you worried about your company’s current culture?  Do you need to clean up some troubling issues that are weighing your organization and your employees down and need direction?  Pete can help you solve your problems.