Pete Havel, author of The Arsonist in the Office, is a consultant, trainer and speaker for leading organizations on the issues of workplace culture and organizational leadership.  

Pete is a former lobbyist and political consultant who proudly served some of America’s leading pro-business advocacy organizations. He’s also been a senior executive for top strategic communications firms. He became a passionate activist for sane, stable and productive cultures after taking a job that blew up his career but allowed him to become one of the foremost voices on repairing broken organizational cultures. Havel provides clients the tools and techniques they need to solve problems that create financial, legal, and reputational risk, while reducing employee satisfaction and company productivity levels.

Pete is the president of his consulting firm, The Cloture Group. He grew up in Massachusetts, but now calls Texas home.  He’s a graduate of Baylor University and an avid Red Sox and Patriots fan.

Pete Havel