Resume review and writing

You’re not signing up with a resume mill with nameless, faceless worker bees doing the work.

You’ll get Pete, his work, and perspectives. Whether you’re starting your resume from scratch, looking for a minor resume tune-up, or simply need a review and recommendations, Pete provides the expertise and services you need. He goes beyond the boring bullet points to tell your story in a compelling way with ATS-friendly formatting and keywords.

Recent clients include attorneys, hospitality professionals, health care executives, public affairs directors, veterans, legislative staffers, law enforcement personnel, sales directors, and human resources professionals. Cover letters are an additional cost.  Each resume client receives the following:

  • One on one call with Pete
  • Two or more drafts
  • Final draft in easy to read, resume-screening software ready format

Don’t leave your resume and your job search to chance.

Put it in the hands of someone who will focus on you and understands the value of a great resume. Choose the package you need by clicking the button directly below and Pete Havel will be in touch upon payment with next steps.

Resume Options

Career Coaching and Leader/Culture Coaching


Do you need help surviving a toxic workplace, dealing with a manager who’s out to get you, or wondering how to deal with a tough office politics problem? Is your job and career at risk and you need help in deciding your next moves?

And have no one who either understands your problem or that you feel you can trust?

Schedule your meeting to discuss your situation with Toxic Workplace/Career Survival authority Pete Havel through the “Career Coaching” link below! For $149, you’ll walk with Pete through your career challenge in a phone or video call at a time of your choosing!

If you are a leader/manager/HR professional wondering how to deal with a sticky culture or workplace behavior issue and looking for insights and options on how your company can deal with it?   Set up your Leadership/Culture coaching call with Pete Havel through the link below! Do you need a quick consultation on how to deal strategically with a toxic workplace issue. For $299, we’ll walk through your challenge in a phone or video call at a time of your choosing in a one-on-one setting.


And if you’re wondering whether you need the $149 session or the $299 session, here’s your guide: 1) If you’re facing a personal crisis, sign up for the $149 session or 2) If you’re calling about company issues, schedule the $299 session.

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