Toxic Transformation

If your organization is a toxic workplace, you have problems spreading like wildfire–whether you know it or not.  You need to put out the fire, rebuild, and then fireproof through Pete’s Toxic Transformation ™ process.

Toxic Transformation starts with identifying the problem areas, re-establishing the organization’s core values, then identifying and implementing solutions. Pete will work with you and your team hands-on every step of the way.

Fireproofing Your Career, Company, and Culture against Bad Behavior

Performed for some of America’s leading law enforcement, fire responder, and private sector organizations, this leadership training class provides the information, mindset training and practical case studies and exercises needed to understand and address what causes toxic environments and bad behavior in the workplace. This training is ideal for both the organization facing cultural issues that cause corruption, scandal, lawsuits and large-scale attrition and those wanting to prevent them from taking place.

Toxicity Analysis

You can tell there’s a problem inside your organization, but no one wants to talk about it… It’s time for a deep dive to get some answers. We’ll help you get what you need to know through one on one interviews and surveys. 

Toxic Manager or Leadership Coaching

Have that top performer who’s a toxic terror? Pete will work with them individually to turn those behaviors around. 

Fireproof It! Training 

If you have an arsonist, your organization is at risk.  Financial, legal, attraction, and retention of good employees, reputations, and productivity are endangered.  If you want to protect your assets from getting burned, you need to fireproof.

Fireproofing ensures your leadership and management have the mindset, the understanding, and the tools to deal with the arsonists in your organization and how to make sure your culture is strengthened.  Through half and full-day courses, you and your team will learn to identify, deal with, and eliminate toxic behaviors in the workplace while providing valuable leadership and management lessons that reduce risk across the board.

One recent participant said, “This type of training will keep me in my job, and my company and coworkers out of jail, court, and headlines.”

To learn more or set up a free 30-minute introductory meeting, call Pete directly at 214-244-7906 or email