Fireproofed Leadership is a nationally and internationally-focused speaking, training, consulting, writing, and career services company that helps organizations and leaders solve culture and leadership problems, or identify areas for potential growth and opportunity within an organization. For more information or to set up a meeting, speaking engagement, or training session, contact Pete Havel through this website, 214-244-7906 or


Keynote Speeches

President and CEO Pete Havel has spoken to audiences from 20 to 2000 on workplace culture, leadership, and building stronger teams. His clients range from Fortune 500 companies to nonprofits to police and fire departments across the U.S. Whether it’s a speech, a talk to a management or leadership retreat, or a conference event, Pete will work with you on key messaging, goals, and getting the right message across to your team.

Upcoming presentations include:

  • “Building a leadership mindset”
  • “How to create a culture of accountability” 
  • “What every first-time leader and manager needs to know”
  • “Dealing with difficult people”
  • “Leading your culture”


Fireproofed Leadership Training–Building a Better Culture through Stronger, More Determined Leadership

If your leadership has ignored its responsibility to lead its culture, treat people well, and ignore major instances of bad behavior, your organization is at risk.  Financial, legal, attraction, and retention of good employees, reputations, and productivity are endangered.  If you want to protect your assets from getting burned, you need to fireproof.

Fireproofing ensures your leadership and management have the mindset, understanding, and tools to deal with the arsonists (issues) in your organization and how to make sure your culture is strengthened. Or the answer may lie in values propositions that need to be strengthened, trust rebuilt, or communication channels opened.  Through half and full-day courses, you and your team will learn to identify, deal with, and eliminate toxic behaviors in the workplace while providing valuable leadership and management lessons that reduce risk across the board.

To learn more or set up a free 30-minute introductory meeting, call Pete directly at 214-244-7906 or email


Culture Transformation

If your organization has a toxic workplace,  you have problems spreading like wildfire.  You need to put out the fire, rebuild, and then fireproof through Pete’s Toxic Transformation ™ consulting process.

Toxic Transformation starts with identifying the problem areas, re-establishing the organization’s core values, then identifying and implementing solutions. Pete will work with you and your team every step of the way.

Public Safety Culture Division

Pete’s Fireproofed Leadership training has become a fixture at law enforcement and fire service leadership conferences and at departments around the nation. It was recently in the spotlight at the recent annual conference of the International Association of Chiefs of Police. Pete’s book, The Arsonist in the Office, has been called “The Bible for municipal managers.”  Pete has helped numerous police and fire departments through training, consulting, crisis management, leadership development, and coaching services.

Knowing that some cultural changes are more challenging than others, Fireproofed Leadership is pleased to have accomplished and successful culture builders on his advisory team.

Workplace Culture Analysis

Culture problems are often the elephant in the room–the type that everyone knows is there, but no one wants to deal with. We’ll help you get a read on what is happening and offer solutions on how to fix your workplace culture challenges.


Deciding to finally address the problem of a toxic leader in your organization–whether it’s your friend or a powerful member of your team who reports to you–can be gutwrenching. Our team can help you work through that process. Or, if you or a member of your team needs coaching to overcome bad habits of toxicity, micromanagement, trust issues, broken communication channels, or other problematic actions, our team can assist in that way as well.