• It’s the ultimate book for surviving the toxic workplace and protecting your career from getting burned. The cautionary tale told with wit and warning. It begins with an out of nowhere warning from Cecil, the detached CEO, and ends with intrigue in an office politics drama that will have you reaching for your resume and aspirin. It’s filled at every turn with information you need to know to survive the toughest professional challenges.
  • Recently named Amazon’s ‘#1 Hot New Release’ for Workplace Management books. A 4.8 star rating on Amazon. Critical acclaim from authors, business leaders, political figures and the media.
  • A gripping, relatable, compelling, and entertaining story from Pete Havel’s own fictionalized experience of what can go wrong when a culture goes bad. It offers solutions for protecting companies and careers from bad behavior. You’ll meet the players in this book, who jump off the page in vivid detail, and be able to spot the awful arsonists, mushy managers, spineless CEOs, and horrifying HRs who can impact your career.
  • The leadership and management book chosen by executives, managers and everyday employees as a guide to creating a better workplace and not getting burned by the arsonists who torch careers, companies, cultures, and everything else they touch.

How Can "The Arsonist in the Office" Help Me?

How can you protect yourself—whether facing a destructive coworker or a corrosive culture—in a toxic atmosphere that’s beyond repair?

What are the warning signs?

How do you fight fire with fire to take on bad behavior in an organization, create safeguards, and extinguish the blazes that Arsonists light?

This book offers things that everyone can use to defend themselves and their organizations against toxic people and cultures that destroy careers, morale, productivity, reputations, and financial success.

Pete Havel gives you the tools and techniques to identify the arsonists and protect you and your organization from getting burned.

Office politics isn’t fun and games. It’s real. And can and will affect your paycheck and reputation if you don’t protect yourself.

“The Arsonist in the Office” gives you what you need to survive, and live to fight another day.

But survival is nearly impossible if you don’t fireproof your career and your company from bad behavior.

The Arsonist in the Office shows you how.

Are you ready to fireproof yourself and your organization? Then it’s time to extinguish the arsonist in your office. Buy your copy of  “The Arsonist in the Office” today.

Who Needs This Book?

From CEOs to Entry Level, from HR to Lawyers

A must for CEOs trying to rein in chaos, boost productivity, and put some teeth in their ethics and policies. Indispensible for the employee who is receiving incoming fire from the untouchable employee in the cubicle next door.  Required reading for the manager defending themselves from the saboteur, undercutter, and schemer. Rocket fuel for HR directors who want the power to deal with the headaches they face every day. A scandal-buster to keep companies and their leaders out of lawsuits, headlines, and jail! And lawyers who need to understand what’s coming when their culture gets out of control.

Jobhunters and Recent Graduates

A deep dive into the ‘real world’.  It provides you the tools to ID a toxic company from the outside before you ever take a job. ‘The Arsonist in the Office’ is the unforgettable story of what the job from hell looks like and the lessons you can learn to avoid those jobs and protect yourself. It’s the college class that every school should offer with lessons you need to know now.

Nonprofit Leaders

Whether you’re in a PTA, a church, or a chamber, you’ve probably run into that volunteer who is trouble from Day One. And inevitably, they’re usually the big donor, the connected networker, or the power broker who’s the ultimate landmine because it’s tough to fire a volunteer!  Learn how to navigate those situations and win!

Anyone Who Works with Other People

You’ll be on the edge of your seat because The Arsonist in the Office brings a teachable moment story to life in an ‘it sucks you in and won’t let go’ kind of way. Called ‘spit out my coffee kind of funny’, ‘a joyride around Dante’s 9th circle of hell’, and ‘an instructive read that had me taking notes and holding my breath’, you will learn the skills you need to survive toxic people and the cultures they create.  And learn how to improve the culture in your organization.