You may be one rogue bad hire or one broken culture away from burning down your company and culture.
Or one wrong move from seeing your career go up in flames.
I know, because happened to me. Do you wonder if you could be next? Or maybe it will be your reputation that’s destroyed. Or your company’s culture and productivity attacked.
All it takes is encountering the arsonist—the destructive person with the mindset and the tools to light things up and burn you down and a culture and leadership that lets them thrive.

What can be done?

How can your prevent fires from breaking out? How can you—whether facing a destructive coworker or a corrosive culture—protect yourself in an atmosphere that seems like is beyond repair?

In ‘The Arsonist in the Office’, Author Pete Havel equips you with the right tools and techniques that help identify the arsonists and protect you and your organization.

This book offers tools and tactics that everyone—from employers to employees; Fortune 500 to small businesses; and members of PTAs, churches, and chambers of commerce— can use to protect themselves and their organizations against toxic people and cultures that destroy careers, morale, productivity, reputations, and financial success.  Office politics isn’t beanbag. It’s real and can affect your paycheck and reputation. The Arsonist in the Office will give you exactly what you need to survive and live to fight another day. But to do so means you need to fireproof your career and your company from bad behavior.

Are you ready to join the fireproofing movement? Are you ready to extinguish the arsonist in your office?

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Who Needs The Arsonist in the Office?

Employees, HR Leaders and Attorneys

It’s ideal for the employee or manager trying to defend themselves, the HR director trying to deal with arsonists or attorneys who are left to defend or navigate expensive problems that cause havoc.

Executives, Managers and Owners

 If you ignore what the arsonist does, you hand over your culture to them and risk the potential consequences of seeing your company’s values, productivity and much more burned to the ground.  If you are the CEO or in management in an organization, you don’t have to read too many headlines in the business section to realize that the world has changed. You may run the company, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be thrown overboard in a crisis.  Be smart, be aware, and take the fireproofing steps necessary to protect you, your company and your interests.

Jobseekers and Recent Graduates

This book shows you how the ‘real world’ looks inside a toxic environment and provides tools to avoid ever working in a toxic company–a move that can blow up your life and career. It’s the lesson in hardball office politics that you’ll never forget and that no one taught you in college.

Volunteer and Membership Organizations

Whether you’re a minister, a board member of a nonprofit, or even a PTA volunteer, you are highly vulnerable to taking in the arsonists because firing a volunteer—or donor—is never easy.  That major donor that is also a diva and a disaster.  Learn how to navigate those situations.

Political Junkies

You’ll see glimpses of Pete Havel’s experience in politics throughout this book—and how he applies those principles to dealing with office politics. ‘Never let your opponent define you’.  ‘When attacked, always respond.’ ‘To survive, build coalitions’. It’s what any person in battle should do. Pete brings those principles in politics to the business world and teaches you how to survive.

Anyone Who Works with Other People

This book details author Pete Havel’s experience in an incredibly toxic and treacherous culture and the lessons he learned that every person needs to know.  If you like a good story, characters you can relate to and takes and insights on the most-red hot issues facing businesses, employees and relationships today, order your copy today.